Do prices of unhealthy foods really influence teenager behaviours? An experiment with school pupils in Barcelona

Presentació Càtedra de Economia Pública Eurest, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (gener 2016)

Mora, T., Escardibul, J-O i Di Pietro, G. “Computers and students’ achievement. An analysis of the One laptop per child program in Catalonia”.

This paper analyses the impact of a One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program introduced by the Catalan government (Spain) on student achievement. We exploit longitudinal population data for students in secondary education during the period 2009–2016 and adopt matching estimation procedures to evaluate the program, given that participation was not randomly assigned. As the blocking…

Mora, T.i Prior,F. “Profiling of bank account usage by microfinance customers through branchless banking partnershipa in Morocco”.

In this study, we examined the profiles of the customers of the second largest microfinance institution (MFI) in Morocco who use bank accounts offered through a branchless banking partnership. We analysed a large database of customers and microcredits for the period 2010-2015 (554,541 customers, 1,503,061 microcredits and more than 5 million transactions). We first observed…

Mora, T.i Prior,F. “The Impact of Mobile financial services’ usage on microfinance delinquency: evidence from a randomized trial”.

This paper studies the impact of Mobile Financial Systems’ usage on microcredit delinquency ratios (days of late payment) in Tunisia by using either a two-part model or matching econometric procedures. Our large dataset (23,315) contains all of the administrative registers that belong to the six branches of Enda-Interarabe, the incumbent Microfinance Institution leader in Tunisia.…

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